Our Pop-up Phase and Renovation Plans

We opened Jänö on August 17th 2016 in popup spirit. After a two month pop-up phase we closed for renovations on October 23rd. The video below is the local grime trio Töölön Ketterä performing at the kiosk on the closing weekend. Next summer we will have plenty of music and other events at the kiosk and the surrounding park. Everyone is welcome to join – and plan – them with us!



The two month pop up phase was profitable despite the fact, that our menu was quite limited due to poor kitchen facilities. The kiosk, built in the 1940’s, had no ventilation, water only in the summer time and a drain that was not working properly.

We are now happy to announce that we have all the necessary permits to equip the kiosk with a full modern kitchen. This will allow us to relaunch with a much improved menu.

It has been heartwarming to see so many people chipping in to help save this old wooden kiosk. In addition to individuals we have also received support from numerous companies in the form of sponsored equipment and pro bono work.

We start the renovations iin November with the plumbing and water installations outside the kiosk. In January our cooperation with Amiedu, a local vocational school, will help us redo the roof of the kiosk and we continue with the plumbing work inside the kiosk. In February we plan to do the rest of the installations inside the kiosk in time to reopen in March. This is a preliminary schedule, so please follow this blog and our facebook page for current information.

Although we raised a hefty sum in the crowd funding campaign last summer (a blog post the campaign coming up soon) and despite a profitable pop up phase, we still need more funding. Modernising and old kiosk is expensive. We hope that many people would support our co-operative either by subscribing to a member share (250€) or a profit share (500€) through our web shop: jano.pivokauppa.fi. Member shares give you a voting right (and a potential profit share). Profit shares give you a fixed revenue stream of 50€ annually – payable each spring in gift certificates to the kiosk.